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Multicultural Nursing Project

As expected, between May and June this year, the selections for qualified nurses who wished to be part of the Multicultural Nursing Project took place. This project, as mentioned in the previous newsletter, aims at an experiential and professional exchange between nurses from the professional orders of the Insubria area and nurses from the Angal hospital, Nebbi district in Uganda. The exchange is in its fourth version on the Italian side, while it is in its second for Ugandan nurses, given the sometimes insurmountable bureaucratic difficulties imposed by the Italian government.

The four people selected in Angal will arrive in Italy on 2 October and during the three weeks of their stay they will have the opportunity to attend the Medicine and Surgery departments of the Circolo Hospital, as well as those of mother and child and infectious diseases. They will also participate in ad hoc training meetings, in particular on infant care.

The four Italians, on the other hand, will reach the Angal hospital on 2 November and will have the opportunity to attend the same wards in three weeks as well as part of the local activities such as mobile clinics; they will agree on reciprocal training activities.

As for the previous editions, the participants will then have to share their experiences through ad hoc seminars, which in the previous three years, in Varese, were sponsored by the Varese Nursing Order, also with ECM score.

This initiative sees the sponsorship of our association and counts on the generous industriousness of some nurses who enthusiastically lived the same experience and carry on the organization and whom we want to publicly thank here: thanks therefore to Barbara Galli, Daniela Marchesi, Micol Pavanello and Claudia Parisi. It is thanks to them that also this year a “Starry night” charity dinner will be organized in mid-October in the Camponovo Sacro Monte location in Varese. More details at the end of the summer.

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