Last Friday the newspaper the "Avvenire" reported the death of a young man from Mali, Camara Fantamadi, only 27 years old, who probably died for having worked in the heat of the Brindisi countryside, in Tuturano. We want to give news, not only because the victim is African, as the target of our activity, but above all because he is not a powerful one, probably therefore among the last, exactly like the target of our activity.

The event brings to mind a similar event of six years ago: the death during work in the open countryside of Paola Clemente, a 49-year-old farmhand from San Giorgio Ionico.

Drissa Kone, the head of the African community in Brindisi had words of solidarity for Camara Fantamadi, who recently arrived in Puglia and is intent on working the land for 6 euros per hour.

It is not difficult to imagine the working conditions to which the young man was subjected

Camara, conditions that

they have a lot of

exploitation, if not

even similar to the


The life of someone who has a

manual work

it just seems not

import anything of

facing profit,

as they also remind us

all the deaths on the spot

of work this year.

Conditions dictated by

no market laws

written but widespread

everywhere, they see

among the main players


Master of Wars with gloves


It is widespread knowledge

than this pandemic

has yielded a lot to

pockets of those who already have them

abundantly full

and proceeds to empty those

already empty.

We Westerners, even Italians, who are wealthy, forget how long the manual work of Italians has been protected in the previous decades, but now, in the name of profit, we easily resort to illegitimate tools, just to see our wealth to bear fruit or even to looking elsewhere, moving our activities abroad or taking advantage of desperate people, such as Camara, with the identical aim of exploiting without scruples, in order to have returns and remain in the already abundant profit.

Another question arises spontaneously: what would have been the noise if a Lombard citizen, our acquaintance, had died in those conditions?

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