Certainly this year 2020 leaves an imprint on everyone's life.

The time to take stock is already yesterday.

The confirmation of the heavy price, also paid in terms of mental health by our self-styled "civilized" Western world, can no longer be counted. We are lost in the face of the desolation that emerges, if we think about our usual activities, throughout the year. The stop received at the beginning of the year delayed many matters and, not surprisingly, for us too, the production of the end-of-year report 2019, presented at the meeting of Doctors with Africa Como, held in autumn '20, shows the final date of 12 November.

Doctors with Africa Como has suffered above all in terms of training and information activities, which up to now have been a founding reason for the association itself.

In fact, Doctors with Africa Como does not exist only to raise funds to be allocated to projects, which the CUAMM of Padua puts in the African field, but it was born and is maintained above all because it would like to create a culture of solidarity and closeness to those who exist generated, without fault, in extremely poor conditions, especially with regard to health.

The 2020 report, which saw the light in the last months of 2020, marks a stalemate in training, at all levels: high schools and universities.

However, the activities in Africa, supported through plans and projects managed by CUAMM of Padua, have not found rest, indeed the commitment on the ground has been further, as the COVID pandemic has also taken its toll on African soil.

So, dear reader, we would really like to ask you to continue or become a supporter of our activities, through a donation, perhaps small and repeated over time. It will be a gesture that will help you get out of isolation, projecting yourself towards the other. A gesture that protects you from loneliness and defeats the black clouds, which could disturb the Western mind.

(keep it going)